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Hot Butts And Sexy Pussy

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Product SKU: HBSPB | Manufacturer Name : Edition Reuss

What is it about the female butt that we find so alluring?

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Quinn Dolan
20 x 28 cm
108 color photographs
Texts in
German, English, French
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Photography: Quinn Dolan

What is it about the female butt that we find so alluring? And what secrets do these shapely muscles harbor? Photographer Craig Morey has dedicated himself to these mysteries. And this collection of photos is the result of that exploration. Featured are many of his most beautiful models. Morey circles around the behind his models, taking shots of their round little bums, making sure to capture the swell of their pussies and the small, shadowy hollow of their anuses. These are pictures that make one’s head spin. They are invitations to see beauty not only from the front, but also from the back (a reverse to convention). It is there, from behind, that we can be deeply touched.


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