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Sweet Shaven Angels 2

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Product SKU: SSA2 | Manufacturer Name : Edition Reuss

A world of fantasy where the models are like beautiful fairies

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Mikhail Paramonov
panoramic format 24 x 17 cm
hardcover thread-bound
185 color photographs
Texts in
German, English, French
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Sales price 49,90 €
Sales price without tax 45,36 €
  • Description

Photography: Mikhail Paramonov


In the garden of Heaven, there already was a snake. As for the little juicy fruit Eve gave to humanity, it probably was, already, the carefully shaven genitals, pulpy and plump, that the girls display in this book with a smile. They offer themselves to be seen, self-confident, without hiding anything of their slit genitalia, like a tempting fruit. When they spread their thighs, they may unveil the little hill of their vulva but their cheeky looks and postures are always playful. Here we are in the realm of pretence, a world of fantasy where Eve’s daughters become elusive fairies.


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