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TranceRelax 2

Product SKU: TR2-CD | Manufacturer Name : Edition Reuss

Divine music for deep meditation, healing, relaxation, yoga, massage,better dreamtime or easy listening.

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Celestial Dreaming
Total Time: 61:17
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The entire Universe is made up of resonance. From the deep primal tones created by the spin of the celestial bodies, to the electrons orbiting the nucleus of every atom, all of nature is resonating at its own particular frequency – including every organ, bone and tissue of the human body.

Music has always played a significant role in the healing and spirituality of humanity, tapping into the innate knowledge that resides in the harmonics of our cells, nourishing, inspiring, relaxing and energizing us. According to the ancient Greeks, music is an art imbued with the power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul. More recently, it has been discovered that sound is a carrier wave of consciousness. Music improves the mind/body connection and is one of the few experiences that can touch a person on all levels of being. It is a powerful sensory stimulus that works simultaneously on the body, mind, and spirit.
Through music, it is possible to change the rhythm of brainwaves, as well as heart beat and respiration. Positive responses to sound healing have also been observed in the nervous and endocrine systems, which in turn enhances the immune system. Music allows us to transcend everyday consciousness while remaining in a normal waking state, evoking a psycho-physiologic response where abstract thinking is slow-ed down, time dissolves and deep relaxation ensues. This is a non-invasive and easily accessible way to reduce stress, anxiety, fear and pain.
The ear is an amazing organ, which has three main functions: to assume balance (equilibrium, body tone and integration of motor and sensory information), to analyse and decode sounds and movements, and to charge the brain. It is the first organ to become fully formed in the early months of pregnancy and because it is the organ of balance as well as hearing, it is connected by nerve pathways to every part of the body, including the immune system.
Alfred Tomatis, MD is a French ear specialist who has studied the functions of the human ear for over 45 years. Tomatis discovered the therapeutic effects of high frequency harmonics, which are capable of charging the central nervous system and the cortex of the brain. As a fundamental principle in the organ-ization of life, sounds also offer an acoustic reference point to the listener, describing the quality and dimensions of the surrounding space and providing stimuli for listening, alertness and concentration. Listening to harmonic music is a source of vital energy, the secret being that natural sounds and acoustic instruments are rich in high frequency harmonics. It is interesting to note that there are also sounds that tire and fatigue the listener, particularly loud, repetitive synthetic sounds and noise.
Music affects us by the process of entrainment. Physical entrainment is when the body automatically adjusts to the rhythm and pulse of the music. Emotional entrainment occurs when the intention and emotions of the composer and/or musicians are conveyed via the music, triggering an emotional response from the listener.
Using entrainment and resonance, it is possible that an externally created sound projected into a diseased part of the body will be able to reintroduce the correct harmonic frequency and return the body to its healthy, harmonious vibration. In this way music has the power to integrate, reprogram and heal in a holistic way, releasing tension and clearing both the physical and energy bodies.
The evocative music of Celestial Dreaming is a wonderful tool for deep relaxation, meditation and healing. It is wonderful to listen to while giving or receiving a massage or during a yoga session to enhance focus and open doorways to deeper consciousness.
Only acoustic instruments have been used, each with its own harmonic vibration and specific character. The celestial sounds of the crystal bowls are complimented by the hauntingly beautiful melodies of the Navajo flute and the angelic shimmering quality of the Celtic harp. The mysterious and powerful vocals raags accompanied by tanpura are contrasted by the refreshing tones of the concert flute cascading like a waterfall and the pure silvery tones of the energy chimes which seem to float above the rest f the music.
Each instrument has been carefully recorded in a sacred space to preserve and enhance their natural healing harmonics. Relax and enjoy the journey into the exquisite stillness of Being and experience the deep peace and perfect flow that is innate within.


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