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Pussy Portraits

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Photography: Frannie Adams
Dimensions: Format 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 96
Photographs: 86 photographs
Texts in: German, English, French
ISBN: 978-3-934020-69-6
hardcover thread-bound
39.90 EUR

Does the shape of a woman’s vagina reflect her character and appearance? It’s a daring hypothesis, but the portraits of vaginas in this unbelievable photobook seem to prove that it’s really true. These direct juxtapositions of portraits of each woman’s face and vagina are veritable revelations! In full-page illustrations, these “double portraits” reveal the astonishing beauty and consummate form of the female sex, which has every right in the world to be called by the affectionate nickname “pussy.” No two are alike, and each one is presented here in this photobook with a proud and self-confident smile on the face of its proud possessor.


Extreme close-up videos of 25 amateurs!
Pussy Portraits Video #1, by Frannie Adams.
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